March 5, 2010

What's this?

Dear Mrs. B,

So I have recently created a blog, and I am almost sure you know what a blog is. The blog I created is called "my kind of love", and I do hope you read it, but the more I began to think about blogs and the many uses of them, I really started to think about you. I thought, how fun would it be to be able to update her on my life daily...sure we can email, but this is almost cooler. You can show others what I have written from any spot. You can check this on your cool iPhone. Even Pop can read it too if he is wondering what is going on! (Hi Pop!) AND I can always update this really quickly and easily with even small information! Also, this way if there is anybody else who wants updates on my LIFE, not just the things that I find it fun to write about, they can see it here. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I will! I mean...there is a URL with your name it, how cool is that? Haha!

So to start off let me tell you, this one might be long. Just because it is the first one and we haven't emailed in a couple of days. So let me just tell you about my week:

I have been super tired this week. I think I have been trying to be a college student more than a grown up and that is wearing me out! I can't do these late nights (midnight) anymore like I used to! Work has been pretty good....but it is about to get better! Here pretty soon I am going to be busy, and you know how much I love being busy! I have been planning one of Lauren's showers! It is on April 10th, so I finally got the invitations out to that! I am so excited because so many of the girls that have graduated and moved away are coming in town for it! Ashlee, Micah, HANNAH! Friends like that! Yes I did say Hannah! She is flying down to Dallas on Friday, and riding down to College Station with Lauren! She will spend that weekend with us! I am so excited! On Saturday morning we are having a little bridesmaids only get together at UPaintIt! It'll be fun to just have the six of us hanging out! Then Lauren will go and hang out with Jonathan or something for the rest of the afternoon while the six of us decorate and get the food and house ready for the shower! It is going to be at my house, just because I have had that many people in there before so I know how to maneuver it. It is going to be in the evening, so we are going to have lots of little finger food and then lots of goodies! Cake, cookies, cupcakes, you know...the best things in life! Haha! PLUS Lauren loves chocolate so we are going to have a chocolate fountain. It is actually Nicole's that she got at the Dallas dinner with us a couple years ago! So yeah....if you have any other ideas let me know! You know I could use them! I really cannot even explain how excited I am to have us all together again! Well mainly Lauren, Hannah and I. I haven't seen Hannah since last spring break, and she hasn't been to College Station since December of....oh wow. I think it was my junior yeah it has been a while! Oh and she is flying out of Houston so Taylor & I will be taking her to the airport on Sunday. We should all grab dinner or something! I don't know when her flight is yet, but I will let you know once I know!

Let's see. Here is some other news that you might not know about yet. So you know that the student body elections were held this week. Well 4 of our 5 made Yell Leader! VERY EXCITING! BUT...there is one run-off. David, the sweetest of them all! He is one of the junior yell boys. They had to start campaigning today and they'll campaign until Monday or Tuesday...then vote, then we will know next Wednesday or Thursday. Oh man. I just couldn't believe it. I was so excited because when they announced it they said "For Junior Yell Leader we have....Austin" SO I thought we had just won. Game over. And then he said "And for the other spot there will be a run off" Wow, I couldn't believe it. I mean there were EIGHT boys running for TWO I mean for one of our guys to just get it was awesome. So Austin had 52% which is an automatic win, but David had 46%...SO CLOSE (ended up being like 50 votes...not even kidding) and then this other guy....who I won't say his name for fear I might accidentally campaign for him haha, he had 23%.... I just wish we could have just won it. AND for Senior Yell, which is where we were SUPER scared we WON! Of course the guy said "For Senior Yell there will be no run-offs" Which is what we heard last year, so I was FREAKING out. uh oh not again, please no. So of course he said Travis & John and then said BRETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. So happy he got it. He is wonderful as well. I just love him. Now we just have to hope that David can get in there. He really is so great. I don't just say that because I love my yell boys. Well you have met him, the super tall guy in the band! Yes him! Precious and so sweet. I will let you know! I am going to go and do some campaigning once I get off work today and just see what campus is like. The biggest disadvantage we have is that this new election guy likes to create new of his new rules: you can't make any new signs for run-offs. Well for us this stinks because we only had 3 for David & Austin, because we had so many others especially for Brett and then Travis & John...and this other guy, well it was just him, SO needless to say he has like 7...I just hope we can make this work. Hopefully ALL the people that were campaigning for the FIVE of them, will come together and campaign for just ONE. We have so much man power. We have got to just get them all over campus. Not only does this other guy have 7 signs....he also has two person bikes he is now riding around with manikins on the back with his shirt on...which is totally against campaign rules...but we'll see what happens. It's all in his hands, we both know that!

My Bible study is still going really good! I just love the girls that are in it. I have about 10 that come on a regular basis and then a couple who come when they can. This past week we did the potluck that I told you about! It was yuuuum! We had chicken, mac&cheese, mashed potatoes, corn, & broccoli! Almost felt like we were at home eating! This week we are going to do the salad idea you gave me! I'm providing the lettuce and the spinach leaves and then everybody else is bringing their favorite mixing! I suggested strawberries, nuts, berries, tomatoes, carrots, the usual, but told them if they had anything else they loved to bring it!!! What do you think we should do about dressing? Just have what I have at the house...ranch and red vinaigrette? Also last week I told my testimony and it was different than ever before because I was able to include what I went through this summer with Taylor and just how much the Lord prepared me for that through my past, and also about my grandparents now. It was good though. It went a little longer than usual, but it seemed like all the girls heard what I had to say. I gave them a LOT of verses, just because through the years I have found so many. I'm not completely sure what I am going to talk about next week. The girl who is giving her testimony is going to talk about her struggle with anorexia in high school, so I may talk about how we focus on ourselves and this obsession with looking how everybody else wants us to vs. our just focusing on Him. I'll let you know!

Relationships class is going really good as well. This week we talked about friendships. They had this way of...I won't say categorizing your friends, but kind of, you have "Friends of the road" and "Friends of the heart". Sometimes friends of the road can become friends of the heart, but sometimes they don't, and that is ok. Friends of the road are just that, the friends that come along and are on the same road as you for a while, and then you eventually part ways. This is so true of like our high school friends, or friends I was in ASC with for a while, or even some of the friends I have made during campaign seasons. I would say that is even true of a lot of my friends on AFCO and in the AFC. BUT then friends of the heart are just that, friends that are always in your heart and always close to you. Taylor and I were so happy to see how blessed we are with our friends of the heart. Sure it may seem that a lot of the people we consider are friends of the road, but we both were talking and there really are quite a few friends of ours that we know we will know and love forever. We did this little checklist thing...I hate to put it like that, but it was just little questions that you could say yes or no and you would count your yeses for different friends. You were supposed to do it a couple times and have just one friend in mind for each time. There were 12 questions and I did four friends. Of my 4, I had two with 12's, one with a 10 and another with an 8. I was pretty surprised. So cool to know I have that good of friends with me. I think we knew that this summer though. During class Kelly & Sarah said you knew who you good friends were when you were going through a tough time and you looked up to see who was still there. I believe that. I mean of course they were all there in July when it all happened, but they were STILL there in August when I was still broken. Really. 12 stones as I like to call them. I am a very blessed girl! And then of course I have my best friend, Taylor. Who is always there for me. I'm pretty lucky there too! AND I have you and Pop, two more of the closest friends I've ever had. Sure you're my "parentals" as I like to call you, but you still are always there and always loving me through thick and thin. I would call that a friend of the heart for sure.

Let's see. I also talked to Troy about Medina. He suggested April 4th but I told him I just didn't think I could for Easter weekend. Taylor and I are planning on coming out to the ranch again if that is the plan! If not, we are fine with just coming to Houston too! Jsut let me know! I mean we can discuss this on Sunday since you're coming to see us! YAY! We are very excited about that! Caitlyn and Kirk will be in town, as will Lauren & Jonathan, so you'll get to see a lot of people! Back to Troy though, he said he will call soon so we can figure this out. This email thing was taking too long ha. I am trying to see if we can go the last weekend of March...but again I will let you know. I just know how busy I'm about to get with friends, showers, formals, etc.

I guess you heard about the basketball team? That was a tough loss. Wish I could have gone. I was going to go actually, but then I just couldn't imagine getting up for work the next day after getting home close to 3 I was going to wait until the next game which was to be on Friday...well today. But they lost...I hope Andrew isn't taking it too hard. Hopefully next year they'll do well again. You just never know.

This weekend is Casey's birthday also so we are going and celebrating that tonight! He will be 22...OOOLLLDD haha. And he is a former yell leader as of last night so that is weird for him right now too. Weird to me too. He was just a little baby sophomore when I met him and now he is all grown up. Crazy!

Well I think that is it for now. BUT the beauty of it all is that I can update this at any time and just add small things! You can do the same. You can comment on my posts! Or you can just email me! I'll love to read either! I love you and I hope you enjoy this! I think it will be fun! Especially if the day ever comes that I am further away than just an hour drive! Love you! See you Sunday!

Oh that's the other thing...I'm not sure I'll be posting on Saturdays or Sundays...just depends on how lazy I am ha!


Summer said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Made my day :0)
I'm now your first follower YAY!

I loved reading your post! Loved the part about friends....what a great way to explain it....

Can't wait to read more
Have a Happy Friday
Summer :0)

Mrs. B said...

Wow!!! Love this!!! Love you even more!!! and can't wait to see you tomorrow! Did you see my email?

I'll be thinking about food ideas for Lauren's shower. How fun that Hannah will be down too!

I've run across a couple of suggestions that you might want for your class. Will get those to you soon.

Best of luck to David! Happy Birthday to Casey! Looking forward to seeing you and your fantastic friends tomorrow!